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Doosan people are proud to be part of the company

  • Doosan respects each and every individual as a human being and pays close and sincere attention to their growth.
  • The company shares common goals, which are attained through true teamwork based on fair rules, with warmth and confidence.

“I am proud to be a member of Doosan Power Systems India family. Doosan Power Systems India Chennai team has embedded the Doosan way in their hearts & daily work lives. We have tenaciously executed 800 MW super critical boilers for the first time in India, while duly meeting the customer quality & delivery requirements. We continuously challenge ourselves to innovate and develop valuable and reliable improvements in our work and always try to make the hardest thing possible by consistent efforts and commitment to exceed customer expectations. I’m confident that we will become the global top-tier boiler manufacturer soon.”
– Dukhee Jeong, Director, Division Head Chennai

“We have seen Doosan Power Systems India emerge and surge from providing Supercritical Boilers to BTG to Full Coal based EPC(Engineering, Procurement and Construction) in India. This is indeed a momentous occasion in Doosan Power Systems India’s history. With the launch of Doosan Way, Open Communication was significantly enhanced. ‘Why’ Campaign reinvigorated the entire Company and everyone became responsive & motivated with this Management working style. Doosan Power Systems India has seen many business cycles and we have persistently tried to deliver on our commitments. However, one thing that has remained constant is 2G ‘Growth of Business’ by ‘Growth of People’. This is the bedrock of our corporate philosophy and will always be our overarching catalyst.”
– Rahul Sharma, ex-Director Marketing Doosan Power Systems India, currently MD & CEO Doosan Skoda Power, India

Doosan, through its Corporate Philosophy ‘Doosan Way’, promotes a dynamic, flexible work culture which fosters growth, team work and persistence for innovation and alternative solutions for each problem, while meeting target schedules. Working each day seems new with its own challenge! Have been with Doosan Power Systems India for last 10 years, have seen it evolve, grow and indigenous and feel proud to be part of the journey!
– Tanuja Singh, DGM, PE Civil & Arch

From being 4 different companies in India in 2011/12 to one single entity, Doosan Power Systems India has come a long way in terms of Organization and Culture. A very young, but fast maturing Indian Company that has not only quickly learnt to adapt to and meet Customer needs but also to internal stakeholders. This gives me immense confidence that Doosan Power Systems India will continue to build a strong legacy in the India. Doosan Power Systems India’s willingness and actions to reinvent itself with new and enhanced Processes and Systems sets it apart from the Competition. It’s a place where Opportunities meet People, provided one seeks it and demonstrates the capability to do it.
– Akshat Singh, Sr. Manager, Strategy & Planning

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Our Belief

Our Belief

The spirit that drives our people is the core of the Doosan Way.

Working at Doosan

Working at Doosan

A company worth working for! The growth of the company through the growth of each individual, and vice versa - that is Doosan's core management strategy.