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EHS Rating System

At Doosan Power Systems India – Chennai EHS Rating System, comprising 9 parameters, for the quantitative evaluation and continual improvement of EHS implementation.

Doosan Power Systems India – Chennai ‘s EHS Rating System

1. Planning and Execution :

EHS yearly plan, its performance evaluation and follow-up action plan to achieve EHS goals.

2. Risk Evaluation :

Evaluation of associated risks of all processes for effective EHS risk management from HIRA evaluation.

3. Compliance :

Evaluation of compliance with local laws, regulations, industrial codes, control systems and social responsibilities regarding EHS.

4. Competency and Training :

Evaluation of skill competency of staff, workmen and their awareness of EHS risks, periodic training systems and its operations in order to improve the EHS competencies of the organization.

5. Communication System :

Evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of all communication system on EHS issues such as High Level Safety Committee, Workmen Safety Committee Patrol & meeting, TBM meetings, etc.

6. Risk Control :

Evaluation of determined risk control and operation of protective systems for personnel, equipment etc.

7. Safety Inspection :

Evaluation of effectiveness of periodic inspection.

8. Safety Index :

Evaluation of accidents, incidents, improvements for corrective actions with the aim of “Zero Accident”.

9. Emergency Preparedness and Response :

Evaluation of effectiveness of emergency plan, training system of emergency response group and firefighting equipment maintenance system for minimizing damage in the event of an emergency.

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