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Doosan has established a strategy and CSR governance to methodically drive forward its ‘social responsibilities’ according to the Doosan Way.


Doosan Power Systems India firmly believes that sustainable performance management will unlock long term stakeholder value not just for our business but also for our local communities and the environment.

Code of Conduct

Doosan is committed to improving competitiveness and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility through Inhwa, customer-focused business philosophy, transparent business operations and innovation.


Doosan’s EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) management philosophy focuses on people and the environment. Doosan introduced its EHS management system, which is stricter than the prevailing global standards, for the safety of the community and society.

Community Development & Involvement

Doosan Power Systems India firmly believes that empowering communities towards self-sustainment not only contributes towards the company’s growth, but they also become an active partner in the business ecosystem, while infusing a sense of pride amongst our employees.

Human Rights

Doosan Power Systems India upholds the sanctity of Human Rights in letter and spirit and seeks to identify, assess and manage human rights impacts within its sphere of activities.

Sustainable Supply Chain

To ensure sustainability of supply chain, Doosan Power Systems India gives due consideration to environmental and societal well-being as well as health and safety of all stakeholders.