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CEO Message

MD & CEO, Doosan Power Systems India Mr Byounghwee Lee

Doosan Power Systems India intends to be a leading company powering the Indian Power industry.
India is our key market and we proudly
‘Make in India’,
‘Make for India’,
‘Make with India’.

Doosan Power Systems India is committed to building a sustainable business, creating a long term value for its stakeholders, working in collaborative partnerships with its clients and having a positive social and economic impact on the surrounding communities. In order to establish a sustainable management system, Doosan Power Systems India is eliminating inefficiencies and building a robust foundation of our fundamental competitiveness combining tangible short-term gains to yield longer term competitive advantage.

India remains world’s most promising and interesting power market, beyond any doubt. We aspire to move a step closer to convincingly powering the Indian power industry. For this, we are focusing on enhancing our core indigenous competitiveness, introducing cost optimization practices; adopting most advanced technologies and sharpening our risk management capabilities. To achieve sustained growth momentum, we are focusing on ensuring “Quality, Cost and Delivery” in the on-going projects. Along with this, our focal point is strengthening our bottom-line performance through operational excellence, while gearing-up our preparations towards the upcoming projects.

Going forward, we will continue to enhance our management practices and technical know-how with the ambition to maximize Business, Environmental and Social performances in India.

MD & CEO, Doosan Power Systems India
Mr Youngki Lim

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