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Banbyul Hoaldong has ignited the innovation momentum at the factory which is continuously improving productivity

Doosan Power Systems India people impose no limits to their aspirations and possess true smart tenacity and drive to achieve the global top-tier competitive edge in manufacturing through innovative team synergies.

Doosan Power Systems India is a leading manufacturer of Supercritical Boilers in India. Doosan Power Systems India Manufacturing Team innovated and established an in-house system where preheating can be conducted for panel assembly without compromising on quality and eliminating all Post Welding Heat Treatment (PWHT) complexities. The team successfully overcame all hurdles through innovative problem solving mindset and introduced a physical change in the manufacturing process of alloy panels with pre-heating and without PWHT. Doosan Power Systems India is the first to try this transforming process in India. This new process completely satisfies the desired ASME codes and the customer requirements through clear identification and elimination of the risks. This tremendous in-house innovation has led to success for Doosan Power Systems India by making the panel processing competitive leading to significant improvements in delivery, cost & quality.

Doosan Power Systems India, Chennai incessantly focuses to enhance its boiler manufacturing processes through its operational excellence program known as “Banbyul Hoaldong”. This program has initiated the innovation momentum and several key innovations such as Rotating jig, Semi-automatic TIG process, special Tilting jig etc. have been developed in-house by enthusiastic and diligent team efforts.

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Our Belief

Our Belief

The spirit that drives our people is the core of the Doosan Way.

Business Areas

Business Areas

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